flight netting?


9 Years
Jul 31, 2010
Centrel PA
I am ordering top netting for my pen. what is burst strength? I am looking at 220 lb/burst strength/65 lb. break strength. What is the differance?
That is how much pressure it can take without breaking I am guessing. Like if a bird flew up and hit it that is how much lb. of pressure from a bird or birds flying at it that it can take without breaking.
I use the heavy duty 2 inch from Cutlers or B&D products from Harrisburg Have heavy duty 1 inch on one pen but with the heavy snow we get here in central PA I find my self sometimes under it trying to shake it to get some of the weight off of it so netting doesn't fall in
I use the 2 inch netting on most of my pens too.

One pen is 30x 50. and the netting on it came from a neighbor that used it on his peacock pen for 10-12 years. I have use it for maybe 7 years.
The stuff hold up brilliantly, and well worh the $$ investment.

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