"Floating" coop in the carport


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Jun 11, 2017
Southern Idaho
My dad helped me build it this spring. I wasn't sure how much of the carport I wanted to dedicate to the chickens so we made it "float" so they'd at least have the space underneath. It uses about a third of my attached carport. It's currently divided into two using poultry mesh; one side for the hens and one side for the chicks. It's strong enough that either I or my son can crawl in to repair or clean. My garage has an outlet near the door so I ran an extension cord up through the rafters for the chick's heat lamp. I just have to wire up the chandelier and it will be completely finished.
It's 16ft x 6ft x about 4ft high.
I'm quite happy with it :)


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Is it got Plenty of vents---I do not see any---hot weather it needs to be vented Well. Maybe they are on the back??? Or sides?? Whats the chandelier for?
Interesting, would love to see the insides.
Also wondered about venting.

So it's raised(floats) so under can be used for bird space.....
....but can it be moved?
All the spaces between the rafters and the roof are open, front and back; is that not enough venting???
Well, no, it can't be moved since it attached to the carport. Why would it need to be moved??

Here's some of the inside finished - maybe you can see the "vents" better too. IMG_5509.JPG IMG_5517.JPG
Here's a picture of the full length while we were constructing it... IMG_5325.JPG
I do need to make a few more perches, especially for the chicks as they get bigger.
Eave vents are good!
Some windows would be good too, for more ventilation and light.

Where are you located, adding that to your profile would be good.

Floating made me think of motion... a movable coop rather than a raised coop.

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