flock is getting sick one by one

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    our flock is getting sick. what they have is spreding slowly. all have the same thing drainage,crusted eyes some with swollen eyes and head been giving them duramycin-10 in their water for 4 days now it seems like some are acting better but lost another hen last night . seems to be worse on the bantams picked up some tylan 200 this weekend didnt know if i can use both at the same time. any advice on this would be very helpful thank you these are my sons chicks he work this summer to buy his flock which consist of 13 chicks 4 turkeys 15 bantams and 15 laying hens
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    http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044 has some additional information about respiratory disease. If you do a search for CRD in the emergencies forum you will find lots of information about respiratory problems.

    This should also give the questions a bump. Good luck with your chickies.



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