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    Forry and agnes are PRs / RIR? They look to have more RIR then PR in them. But anyhow they are rescues and are now over 6 yrs of age.
    One is not laying at all and has not done for some months the other is laying but the egg is paper thin. They get the smae feed as all the other hens and their eggs are perfect. I give extras all the time, but sadly I think these girls are comming to a natural end of life faize. They have started to huddle and fluff out even though the temperature is still about 18 here. I have also noticed my head hen Isobella must know something is wrong as when there is treats or anything for the girls she comes over doing a little soft clucking sound for them to come to her and she stands over the food untill Florry and Aggy get theirs so the others don;t get all of it. Isobella often drops food for them like she is feeding chicks. Thing is Issy is at least a year older she is about 7 but is a different breed and is still regularly laying and has bright eyes, while the other two often close theirs and huddle up. They are not presenting with any nasty illness or anything like - just old age I think? How long after the end of laying do they last? I will be sorry to see these two go as they are the sweetest temperaments ever and lovely girls to pick up and cuddle. They are great with children and disabled adults not like some of the others ( Amber is a bit of a bat! she thinks nothing of giving you a bit of a peck on the back of the leg! She spends a deal of her time hanging by her feet looking silly because I don;t do getting pecked!)
    I have just 7 girls left and I am not as yet in a mind to replace. Issy is 7 Florry and Aggy 6 - Betty is 5 and the new girls Gwendaline, Lillybeth and Amber are about a year old so I am thinking I will only have 3 left this time next year. I don;t see the old girls making it through the winter.

  2. Oes glad to see on the forums. We miss you at coffee. I have no ideas on your problem But I know how attached one can get to the girls. Mine is a new flock. But they are still dear to me. Sent you a pm before finding you on line here.

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