Fly eggs or worms?


10 Years
Apr 20, 2009
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
I recently noticed small, white, worm shaped things wiggling in one of my hens poop. I have only notice this twice. I scoop the coop and run at least twice a day (I only have 3 hens, so not so much poop).

Could these be fly eggs hatching? They are about 1/4 inch or less in length. If these are worms, what kind are they. Are there any worm pictures for me to look at so I can identify the type of worm and treat accordingly/
It is very common for chickens to have round worms...which is probably what you see in the chicken's droppings.

for a first time worming you would want to give your chickens Wazine... PM or email me, I think I have a bottle I could send you if you decide to go that route. I used it for a first time wormer---but have switched to a different method and do regular periodic wormings of the chickens now.

Here are tons of gruesome pictures of roundworms roundworm&sc=3-17&sp=3&qs=SC&sk=AS2

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