~Fly Free~ A Duck And Goose Role Play (Accepting)

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  1. Welcome to ~Fly Free~duck and goose rp


    We have learned to survive quite well but with other flocks and the geese being around it made keeping our families safe even harder. Now we must make a choice to stay and fight for our home or to find a new one. Help us save our home and keep the flock thriving.


    -I will allow all waterfowl of any type as long as you follow rules

    -Do not make up a bird

    -Keep track of all characters

    -Please do not have over 5 characters(It gets confusing)

    -Keep the rp pg or higher

    -Be nice

    -Please carry any fighting between players on pms

    -Do not kill another player's character without the owner of the
    characters permission

    -Be realistic(no superpowers/superheroes)

    -Players are allowed to be domestic or wild types of birds as long as it is the species chosen in the rp

    -I will allow players to create their own flocks but it is first come first serve I will allow only 4 flocks(2 per species)

    -Do not start RPing without my permission

    -Do not use your character for the episode unless it has been accepted

    -You can have characters to switch from one flock to another as long as you pm me before hand

    -No swearing

    -Birds older than 10 years can no longer mate or have babie

    -If you have read the rules and agree to follow them, write "D & G"
    In other


    GreenLake Flock-
    The GreenLake Flock is believed by most ducks to be the first flock created. The males tend to be extremely territorial putting up a fight to every rival found within the territory some back down and head home others challenge the males for the GreenLake territory. Some return to their families some are never seen again. GreenLake males tend to kill many rival ducks depending on their actions. Rival female ducks are accepted into the flock if they look to join if not they are chased off never killed. Males on the other hand that look to join are kept captive for several weeks if a rival flock sends search parties the male will be considered a spy and will be executed. If no one shows up they will be tested for strengths and abilities and if the test has been passed he is accepted into the flock. Males that come to pass through or are caught spying the spies are killed and the others are told to go around if they disobey their orders they are challenged. Females are left in peace until the spring where mating season begins constantly being chased down by the males during this time. The male is very sweet to the female not daring to cause her stress during the laying period.
    Picture of GreenLake territory:[​IMG]

    BlueSky Flock:
    The BlueSky Flock almost literally owns the skies or that's what everyone thinks. The flock migrates every winter to the south to avoid the winter and take a vacation from home. The only problem is that every year they are shot down by the hunters hiding beneath the cover of trees out of sight. The males are extreme push overs for the females and are always trying to show off for, them some get lucky in the spring and start families others remain mate less that year. The geese are paired for life unlike the ducks finding new mates each year. The males that see rival geese or ducks will put up a fight to protect the flock. Ducks that challenge the ganders and do not back down do not return to their flock. The ducks are no match to the geese who are 5 times larger than them. Rival geese are often fought but not killed they either back down, defeat them, are mates with a female within that group and are let past, or they join the flock.
    Picture of BlueSky territory:
    Picture of migration territory:[​IMG][​IMG]
    Click on to see

    Lead/boss- The lead pair care,protect, and keep order within the flock technically keeping the flock alive.

    Beta- Helps the lead pair with caring for the flock. When one of the mates in the lead pair have died depending on what gender they will receive their place as the new mate of the lone leader.

    Flock members- They keep the flock going, they are what makes the flock.

    Guard/patrol- They keep their eyes on the territorial border making sure no one who is not part of the flock crosses.

    Outcast- The members of the flock who don't fit in and are usually picked on

    Traitors- A bird from one flock that has left for another flock

    Ducklings/goslings- Are the future of the flock brings happy times about the flock when everyone isn't in a good mood

    Joining form:


    ~HAVE FUN~
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  2. Name- Lunar
    Species- Duck
    Breed- Cayuga
    Flock-GreenLake Flock
    Age- 7 months
    Gender- Female
    Mate- Open
    Ducklings/goslings- None(yet)
    Family- None
    Personality- Shy,friendly,playful,strict at times
    History- To be rped
    Username ducky 13
    Other- D & G
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  4. (Closed! RP has died.)

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