Flying? Jumping with style is more like it!


Jan 10, 2016
Clackamas County Oregon

So my ducks like to "fly" off of this retaining wall. Scared the you-know-what out of me the first time they did it!

My smaller cayugas can stick the landings, but I'm worried about my Swedish and/or Pekins hurting themselves with the hard belly flop landings. I can put a length of chicken wire across the area so they can still get up there but can't jump off, but am I taking care of them, or just taking away their fun time?
I think that you should let them jump/fly because i don't think they would do it if it hurts. But if you see that they are getting hurt then you should find a way to stop them.
I love it. that was a cool video. One of mine does that but only from a platform 2 inches off the ground

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