Foaming beak


6 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
A few nights ago I took our cockerel's no crow collar off to give him a small break from it so it's been off since Tuesday night. I went out a half hour ago to lock the birds up for bedtime and to bring him inside for the night. I noticed he was flicking foam all over and looking like he was gasping. He's currently doing okay since I brought him in. He's been drinking and eating food for a few minutes now and I see no more foam coming out. He's acting normal.
Before anyone asks, no he doesn't crow all day at all even with the collar on. I just keep it on as a precaution.

What could have caused foam to come out??
I have no real input on this as I have never used a no crow collar, we live in the country and they crow whenever they crow. But I would watch him for a upper respiratory infection.
Hopefully my post will bump this back up to the front and someone more knowledgeable can give you some help.
This is just a guess...

The crow collar’s position may have pressed on his crop a bit. Kind of like tight pants for humans. With it off, he could have overeaten/over drank at first.

edit... today is Friday! So my theory hold no water. He’s had his tight pants off for days now. Never mind
I think he must have just gotten into something he shouldn't have. I did let everyone free range before lock up.
He's doing much better today and I even took him back out to see his flock. His collar is also back on but I don't think he actually noticed.
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