Foaming eyes?! Cull or not? Help!

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    A banty hen has foaming eyes! It's mounds of foam gathered up in the front corners of her eyes. She can still see, but the foam is blocking some of her vision. The foam is just white, bubbly foam, like you get when you wash dishes. That's the only thing wrong with her, she's competely fine otherwise.
    I put her in solitary confiment, what should I do now? Is this worth culling over? What is it and what's causing it? Is it contagious? Is it a symptom for something worse? Would it be better to just cull her? Frankly, she's not a valuble chicken, and she doesn't have a use, and I'd rather cull her than have the whole flock croak.
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    Most likely it's a respiratory disease and contageous unless it's an environmental issue. Keep her quarantined away from the others. Flush her eyes with saline solution, then put some neosporin ointment in her eyes for a few days. If her eyes continue to foam after treatment, I recommend that you cull her. Keep biosecurity in mind; wash your hands, change clothes as necessary after handling her before you handle or go near your healthy birds.

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