Food and Water in incubator?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by itsbob, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. itsbob

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    Jul 30, 2013
    We are hatching as we speak, but our chicks will be "Latchkey chicks" as both the wife and I work, the chicks will hatch and be in the incubator until we get home.

    I'm worried about them drinking until we get there, but also worried about having water in the incubator for them. ANYONE?

    Some more background..

    I have three eggs that are pipped, many more showing a LOT of movement, 22 total chicken eggs that have a due date of 21 August. I THINK (I'm also inexperienced) that we'll have chicks by the time we get home tonight.

    I also have 12 Khaki Campbell duck eggs in the same incubator but they aren't due until the 28th.
  2. Fred's Hens

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    They consume the yolk, for energy, before leaving the shell. They draw it up through the umbilical cord. Thus, they will not eat or drink for 2 days following hatching. They'll just want to dry off and mostly sleep. Breaking out is very hard work and they're often exhausted.

    No, there's no reason to be concerned about food or drink in the incubator and they won't need it in the brooder until day 2 at the earliest.
  3. itsbob

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    Jul 30, 2013
    Quote:Thanks for a speedy reply.. Wife is going home around noon time to pick up our boy for his school's open house, and she was planning in putting a tray of water in there with them.. We both feel much better now! Thanks again!
  4. Fred's Hens

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    During hatch, you don't really want to be opening the lid or fussing too much. [​IMG]
  5. itsbob

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    Jul 30, 2013
    Quote:Well, I still have to get in there 3 times a day to turn the duck eggs.. but other than that I'm leaving the chicken eggs alone..
  6. gimmie birdies

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    Feb 12, 2013
    Eastern WA
    I would not worry about leaving food and water, we had an out of town trip I did build a big incubator, and left food and water because we were due home 2 days after hatch. they hatched and found everything on their own it was great.
  7. BGMatt

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    Feb 28, 2013
    Battle Ground, WA
    This is probably doing more harm to the hatching eggs then a couple days of not turning would do to the duck eggs. Days 18-21 for chicken and 25-28 for ducks it is very important to not open incubator, you don't want to lose the humidity as it will make it much harder for chicks to hatch.
  8. caseebeths

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    Jul 8, 2013
    Mine stay in incubator 12-48 hrs with no food or water

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