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Nov 11, 2012
What do leghorns, silkies, and polish chickens eat???
Most people feed the chicks Chick Starter, in crumble form. Most people buy the medicated, but many people buy non-medicated.

After that, some people, at 8 weeks of age, switch them to Grower. Others, just keep them on the Chick Starter until the birds are adults. It's a choice.
Once everyone is laying, some people like what is called Layer Feed. Layer is just Grower, but it has added calcium, needed for egg shell production, but others continue with a Grower type feed and offer a calcium source, such as oyster shells on the side.

All major feed companies, Like Purina, off this information, and more, on what is called a Feeding Chart. This Chart is either printed on the back of their bags of feed, and/or available on the feed company's website.

Hope that helps.

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