Food is not being digested properly

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  1. whytwings

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    Aug 25, 2011
    Hi .........In early august I rescued 3 chickens that had been dumped . 1 of the 3 chooks hasn't quite been right since then .
    First signs were a messy vent area / loose droppings which requires regular cleaning by me and then inactivity started happening where she would
    go stand alone and rest / sleep and not eating a lot . I wasn't sure if she was egg bound and was advised to give her oil which I did . Egg binding didn't seem to be the problem so I started her on baytril which was disastrous and not being taken and mostly being wasted . I then tried he on a broad spectrum antibiotic SULFA - AVS .......This seemed to have a good effect on her and she bounced back and was behaving like a normal healthy chook again , after 10 days I ceased it . She has slipped back slowly to inactivity and finding that quiet spot to sleep / rest again . I have recommenced the sulfa and she has perked back up again and is showing interest in eating again .

    Concerned about her eating I hand fed her thawed peas and gave her wheat .........I have bought 2 different kinds of chicken /layer pellets , the last being the most expensive but they just aren't interested unless I soak them in water and even then it's not a success ....when I hand fed her the peas she loved them and ate well but then I noticed the peas in her dropping undigested and today the wheat the same ......I picked her up today and I was shocked at how thin she has become and I can't see how she can go on ....dispite her troubles her cone has always been upright and has never wilted like I have seen in other sick chickens .

    does anyone have an idea of what might be happening here the chickens were dumped I have no idea how old or what their background was

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    I would give them a good worming, and also, peas or beans are not very digestible for chickens. Not sure what form the wheat was in, but I'm wondering if you're supplying your chickens with some type of grit. They need grit in order to be able to digest their food. It helps grind up things like wheat and such.

    Good luck to you!

  3. OregonChickenGal

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    Worm, and check for mites/lice.
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  4. whytwings

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    Aug 25, 2011
    Thanks for your response Sharon .........The birds free range the back yard , they have access to grit and also oyster shell which I crush myself
    . I wasn't aware of peas acting like that with chickens , but incase ........thats why I gave her frozen peas that were thawed in warm water .......I supply them with ample greens

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