food waste


10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
Cortland New York
My girls are wasting alot of food lately. Any ideas of how to stop the waste of food. I tried putting it outside so they could pick at it and they still wasted quite a bit . don't know what to do any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Is it hanging? Hanging feeders at the height of their backs is a pretty good way to eliminate a lot of waste. You will never completely eliminate it..but it should definitely help! I find feeding pellets is a better way to go than crumbles or mash. Unfortunately young chicks can only eat the crumbles, but point of lay and my layers all get pellets...they will actually scratch through the shavings to get the spillover!
I have 9 wk. old chicks that waste a lot of food, too. I had a small feeder, but went to a large metal cake pan, until I can get the bigger chicken feeder. I have two out of the ten chicks that stand in it and scratch it out. The others very daintily peck at it and are happy to eat that way. Not my Lucy...scratch, scratch, scratch.

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