Foot fungus? *With Pic*


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
South East TN
I've got a 3 month old cross beak Salmon Faverolle chick who is not doing too good. It's rained heavily for days, off and on for a week prior and almost our whole yard is standing water. She almost never roosts, she can't really preen due to the cross beak so she was WET today and had mud caked on her wings. I brought her in the house and washed her off in the tub, she acted like she felt better but I noticed she was favoring her feet, trying not to put weight on them. Picked a foot up and discovered they did not look normal. I went back out and checked, everyone else's feet look fine (she's kept with 5 other chicks) so I'm not ruling out illness but foot fungus from the water/standing on the ground at night was my first thought. Any idea?

In all honestly, does it sound like it would be better to cull her? She can't preen, doesn't roost, she doesn't do "normal" chicken things. She seems to be a bit thin now too so I don't think she's getting enough food.

Black spot on her foot is dirt, not a bug. I wiped it off after I noticed it in the picture. Whatever this is is only on the bottom of her feet. Not the sides or tops, and not on her legs.

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She spent the night in a dog crate, dry on our porch but sadly did not make it through the night. Should I be concerned she had something contagious?? Anyone?
Sorry to hear about your chick :( It looked like some sort of fungus/infection to me. I wouldn't be too concerned about it being contagious, but I would keep an eye on the others just in case.

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