foot problem with coturnix quail

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  1. hello evveryone, I was just out looking at ym quail and i noticed one has a big blakish thing on her toe, it looks to be infected and swollen, I will get pics either later today ot tomorrow, i dont know what to do, shes eating and drinking and acting normal, what do you guys think it is and what can i do to heal it? there on a wire floor cage but im upgrading them to a bigger cage on the ground in about a week. Thanks
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    I would soak the foot in epsom salts and clean the wound (sounds like there is a wound) with a watered down ioding solution and keep it clean and dry. You can also but non-painkilling neosporin on it. Plain without painkiller in it. I would not bandage it. Good luck.
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  3. hello, how long should i soak the foot? yes there is a wound, i will put neosporin on it tomorrow Thanks

    ETA: should i cut and drain it? or just leave it?
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  4. hello, im going to post this in the illness/ desease catogory. THanks
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    that happend to me also and i just want to tell u i left it alone and she healed right up in a week or 2[​IMG]

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