For a friend. What breed please?


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Jun 21, 2020
I'd call it a production red not Rhode Island Red. Hatchery quality.

Ensure the coop has venting located high up. If a slant roof then vent lower and upper to allow air to rush in along roof line and exit moisture out high side. It's not the cold that injures chickens in winter, it's the moisture turning to frost on them that does. Proper venting out of moisture at roof line is all you need. No drafts on birds, clean air that wont develop frost.
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Aug 1, 2013
I agree with the others: Gold Laced Wyandotte and a hatchery Rhode Island Red (or hybrid derived from RIR) They need draft free well ventilated coop and each other to cuddle. Both look like pullets, not yet laying.

I prefer not to use heat in our climate (unless a serama or other delicate breed). It's my opinion that the chickens slowly get acclimated to the cold as the season changes. If in winter they stay at a comfy 50-60'F with a heater ..... and then the power goes out due to below zero temps, the poor birds will have a shock. Then there's also the fire risk when using a heater with chickens. Again, my choice is not to heat my coop. My chickens have been through several periods of bitter cold when we had nightly wind-chills of -30'F or day time highs of -5'F.

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