For all those affected by these terrible storms and flooding...


9 Years
Feb 16, 2010
Sweet Home, OR
I honestly pray for you guys each day. It brings tears to my eyes thinking of all the people that are devastated by these storms. I really can't imagine what I can do to help, but will be looking out for the donation bins that are popping up.

Just wanted to let you guys know that everyone in the country right now is hoping for relief for you all, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
I always wonder why you don't see the actors and musicians doing a concert like they did for Haiti?? Why do we always fail to support our own? I say we petition for all of them to get their butts in gear and start raising some money to help all these people out!! If I didn't have kids and a family to tend to 24 hours a day I would be on the Red Cross bus straight over there! My heart goes out to all affected and they are in my thoughts and prayers continually!
Yes it does seem like we're out to save the world, just not our own world. I really think America has become a bit self-loathing... it's pretty sad, and looks like our President is having a great time in England.. When will we get a white house that actually cares?

It's heartbreaking to see the devastation and suffering. May the Lord be with you all. Many of us here are sending what we can and some of our church folks are on their way to help.

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