for sale silkies, japanese, cochin, and seramas


13 Years
Apr 25, 2011
1 black frizzle japanese cockerel $5.00
several black mottled cockerels some are booted $5 each
2 frizzle serama cockerels $5 each
straight feathered serama cockerels all different colors $5 each
showgirl blue silkie cockerel $8.00
some other silkies and grown silkie roosters for sale at different prices starting at $8 each
1 pair of nice white silkies 4 months old $20 bearded
millie fleur cochin rooster 1 year old $10
1 blue and 1 black & gold cochin cockerels $8 each
black tailed buff color dutch cockerel $5

I can ship to almost anywhere in the USA the box costs $16
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Hi, I just saw your classified for seramas. I was looking for a almost mature or mature serama rooster for my bantam ladies.
I would need him shipped to Albuquerque nm 87109. Could you let me know if you had 1 available?
my cell is 505-306-3755, u can text if u want...thanks Oliver

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