For those of you that free range... A video

I couldn't sleep. got on the computer and, of course, visited BYC.

And this video was here waiting for me!!!!!

Thank you! thank you! thank you!! I needed that laugh!!!

I never knew how much pleasure a person could get from watching chickens run until this last year. When they are across the yard and I walk out with a plate of treats them booking it across the grass is just so great!! We have one really huge BA and she just has these huge fluffy thighs and this wobbly gait when she's in a hurry- I love it!!!!

Thanks for sharing that!!!

Great Vid.

Love the chunky chicken at 2 min.

On another note:

WHAT is that bird in your avatar??? Been drooling over that color for a bit now...
That was funny. The chubby chicken running to get the cheerios was hilarious. I also liked the attack of the chickens video.


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