For those who are following August Turkey Burger or both :)


Sep 23, 2018
SE Idaho
Hello friends!
Attention if you have no interest in pet chickens this wont interest you lets keep things civil. No need to bash or fight. If its not your game please ignore us. Thanks a bunch!

For everyone ekse specially those who know the story behind August and or Turkey Burger here is a little update on them. I wantwd to post a video but it wouldnt let me.

August is beautiful strong healthy and happy ad aleays. And of course I love her more and more as time moves forward. I am very excited for her to start laying!! Cant wait to see what color her eggs are. If only white I will be just as thankful for her gift of fresh eggs.

Turkey Burger is really starting to get around.
She recognizes me and knows whem I am getting her food or water or cleaning her cage.
She will bolt up and come to me and peck at the door of the cage when I have her food or water in my hands.
She has become very trusting of me and we share blinky eyes moments. Its nice.
Her leg is healing and the feathers are growing back on her back which has healed smooth and pale pink.
Thank you to those who have given warm comments and helpful advice a long my adventure with these two.
I appreciate the love and support. :)
I was asked what I was doing for Thanksgiving and I said "cooking a ham and caring for a turkey" hahahah. The strange looks I get when I show the pics of Turkey Burger and August after I tell them that!
The pic is August in a kennel. I took an overnight trip and would not leave her home,so sje came with us. She travelled very well! Im proud of her.


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Sep 23, 2018
SE Idaho
Where can I find August's (and TurkeyBurger's) stories?
Hi, thats a good question.
You can try hashtag
Pet chickens
Or turkey with severely broken leg
Maybe type anything starting with August.
I have made several posts in differnt places so I forget lol.
Can you "follow" me in here?
Maybe yiu can see my posts from that.
The past 4 months (sinxe August 2018) I have made posts about this two birds :)
Hope you find them.
Please so let me know

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