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  1. I am thinking about building a hatcher using the parts from my now inoperable LG, and some spare parts I have laying around.

    I have two Server cooling fans that I believe are 85cfm each. If I wire these in succession I'll have about 170 cfms.

    So my question is how big of a cabinet can I build with these before the area inside is too big for these to make a difference?

    Conversly, how big does it need to be so that it doesn't feel like a hurricane inside?

    I hope that makes since....
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    It makes sense, I have no idea, when my dh is back I will ask him. He is the hardware tech. I just wanted to answer you b/c I hate posting a question and being ignored.
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    Chris, that's alot of air. All you want is for it to move, even slowly. I think even 85 cfm is very windy and would tend to dry out your eggs.
  5. Really? I can't seem to find out how many CFM's are in the incubator that I am running. Its an old Lyons electric, but the fan in it KICKS! Its about 4 to 6" wide I would guess.

    These server fans are only about 4" square. I'll have to try and take pics tonight.
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    We use a 12V computer fan with a 9V power supply. It blows pretty good, though the 9V power supply slows it down some. I asked my Dh, who is an electronic tech, and he thinks that 85 cfm is a bit fast. I dunno, really. You can certainly try them and see what happens, then get a less powerful unit.
  7. I wonder if I put it on a dimmer switch if I could slow the fan speed down.... hmmmm?
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    Well now that you have the fan/fan's and have your cfm figures maybe just build the hatcher to that size, but then your heating element may not be stout enough. Quagemire indeed.

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    That seems like a lot of air movement, I wonder if you will have problems with keeping it wet enough in the whole incubator. It sounds like you will have to try it to find out
  10. Here is a pic of all the fans I've seemed to have accquire. The ones i was thinking about using in the hatcher are the ones to the right.

    anyone need some air moved? LOL


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