Forced Molting?


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Jun 13, 2019
I have 10 chickens who are now almost 2, and they haven't molted at all. We have only been getting 3 eggs a day for the past several months. Do I need to force them into a molt for egg production to go back up? If so, then how do I go about doing this?
Cannot force one trust me .. they molt to start is not massive like loosing fluff to gain feathers daylight is a large part of lay or not .. a light on 18 hours a day can help but some believe that can alter years off:confused:
Force molting is used in egg factories to keep maximum production. It involves shocking the systems by lowering feed and water availability suddenly and harshly, and changing the temperature to add to the shock and create a hard, heavy molt
I don't think I've ever heard of forcing a molt, although every chicken is different some may lay more, some less, some are really sensitive to changes in seasons, weather, temperature. You can add a light to increase how much "daytime" they're exposed to but this will most likely decrease overall lifespan and length of egg production.

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