found 30 eggs in the woods- what to do?

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    So, my girls assured us they were going into the neighbors to check the egg laying spot in the woods over there- turns out they were not! agh... honestly. So, no I have 40 eggs- about 11 days worth (from what I can tell as I have one EEer and I got 11 of her eggs).

    So- what to do- I candled them- I about 35 looks like the yolk is floating and no sings of growths (babies). The others the yolk were not moving. So- I am going to put those back, to keep them from hiding again.

    I did the float test with the others and about half went sideways- but not straight up- the rest rested firmly on the bottom of the bowl. None floated midway or all the way to the top- all touched the bottom.

    Should I just toss them or boil them?
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    Personally, I boil them and then feed them back to the birds.
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    If they are only 11 days old for the oldest, they will be fine. In Europe they do not refrigerate eggs. They are good on the counter for more than three weeks.

    You can float them.

    Gently drop the egg into the bowl of water. If it:
    • sinks to the bottom and stays there, it is about three to six days old.
    • Sinks, but floats at an angle, it's more than a week old.
    • Sinks, but then stands on end, it's about two weeks old.
    • Floats, it's too old and should be discarded.

    Growing up on the farm, we learned to crack each egg into a little bowl to make sure it was ok.

    These are from your own chickens, so the protective coating has not been ruined like the ones in the grocery store. Those I would not leave out.


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    I've eaten eggs found under similar circumstances frequently. If your hens haven't been broody, they won't have started to develop chicks yet. A lot depends on the weather, to me. If it's been hot, like over 85 degrees, I'm not as good with eating them and they go to the critters. If it's been under that, eggs for breakfast, baby!
  5. I can't believe they lied to you, the scamps! Mine did that a few months ago and it was"no TV and straight to bed" for them.

    When I'm not sure about an egg I crack it in a bowl (candling, ugh, more work) and if there are no godzillas in it I scramble it and give it back to the girls.

    Don't tell 'em though, I'm sure they'll lay in the woods for the extra treats it gets them.

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