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9 Years
Jun 1, 2010
I'm renting a home on Cape Cod and last week while I was putting together my potted veggies out of the woods came a Rhode Island Red hen. She was very friendly and let me pet her. She seemed very happy scratching and digging around my yard eating worms and bugs. The yard is mostly wood chips and pine needles and on the edge a medium sized wooded area. Someone close by has a rooster that I hear every morning I just don't know the exact I thought she belonged to the same folks so I went about doing my planting and enjoying her company thinking she would go back to where she came from...5 days later she is still here..she roosts in the trees at the edge of the woods at night and seems quite happy following me around while I work in the yard, and seems to look for me at the back door when I come inside. As I only live at this rental home 6 mos a year I asked my neighbor if he knew where my new friend might belong....he was shocked at first and told me that he didn't know who had the rooster in the neighborhood but that my new friend was most likely a chicken that he had found while hiking on a nearby nature preserve that he brought home and was going to give away..but his golden retriever chased it around the yard until it ran into the woods past the range of the eletric dog fence...duhhhh???? Hence she ended up with me...Not sure what to do now? I gave her a bowl of water that sits a little lower than her beak..she is eating all day long a mix of bugs, eggs that I can tell and no loud chickens like company? I'm not sure what to do but my neighbor has not come over yet to get her..and that makes me nervous too..I don't think I want him to have her back as he is ill prepared to take care of her...any suggestions? Can she stay until the end of summer..should I put a box out for her to lay her eggs? I can't take her with me when I move in October..I have read a ton of info about chickens it has been quite an enjoyable learning experience..I love animals and they seem to find me where ever I go..I just want to do what is best for this chicken..
Look around in dark places like under bushes, next to logs on the ground and such. She probably has a nest some place. Try to find the rooster owner and they will probably be happy to take her. To bad you're not in GA or I would take her.
There is a humane society in Brewster just before Nickerson State Park Campground.I would give them a call. Maybe they could help you.It's right on 6A.Good luck
is there a local store or gatherin' place that you can post a note? Beats walking around in the woods looking for a rooster
Here's some summer reading for you: My Fine Feathered Friend. Similar situation to you. A hen shows up one day. Nice book.
Are you absolutely sure you won't be able to keep her? She sounds like she likes you! Have fun.
Hey, you got five months before you leave - enjoy the company. She sounds like a fine feathered friend. A few weeks before you go, put an ad on craigslist or check with the Humane Society or look into any of the other suggestions you have and will receive on this post.

I was going to ask the same question...... Are you sure you can't keep her?? A wonderful Rhode Is Red that will most likely lay you an egg almost everyday and is totally in love with you too!! AWWWWE!! You gotta keep her!! (If you can)
If she's older than like 4 years or so, it's possible that she's not laying any more.
I agree - keep her at least until your neighbor shows up. If never, it sounds like she'd be fine hanging out in the woods/garden on her own. (My neighborhood has lots of wild chickens and roosters that forage for themselves. Come around every so often with chicks. Cute!!!) Would the person who has the house after you be willing to give a cute chicken the occasional bowl of water water in exchange for free eggs?
OMG..thank you to all that replied...I forgot to check for responses after my initial post.....well do I have news for you chicken friend of 2 weeks now, is no chicken...HE is a very early morning last week my husband and I woke to several very weak "cock-a-doodle-doo"s
...further research online confirmed this with plumage color, it seems that he may be young. I read that roosters start at about 12 weeks - 16 weeks??...I forgot what its called, but the red on the top of the head and neck (cheaks?) was not quite noticible when he first arrived but it is more so now. He is still very friendly and lets both my husband and I pet him. He is very vocal and curious..and follows me around the yard..fresh water every day and I gave him a small amount of cracked corn, leftover veggies. While I was studying on the patio today he lay down near my feet...just hangin' out.. I feel bad now when I leave the house he seems lonnely...he needs a "girlfriend" And no, unfortunately I can't take him with me as I live in VT in the winter and travel. Thank you for all your input!

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