Found a nest of egg


Apr 2, 2019
Ok so the last couple days my oegb has been m.i.a... Ill see her for a few mins and then shes gone again and i can find her. Well she came back today and so i got her and put her in the chicken coop and latched it shut cause shes tiny and i thought maybe one of my other chickens was messing with her and running her off... When i did this i walked around to check out their area and behind our rabbit pen i found a little nest she had made with about 8 eggs in it.... I had her put up for about an hour so i ran and let her back out so she could go back to her eggs. I also found a few other eggs in random places from my other chickens where they had laid an egg and i collected their eggs but i left my oegb's eggs where i found them since it looked as though she caring for them.. Are the eggs still good that i found from the other chickens? And what about my oegb's egg? What should i do? Let her sit on them and see if they hatch? Move her nest?
Personally, I would make a safe spot in the coop where the others can't bother her and move her and her eggs carefully, wouldn't mess with the eggs other than moving them and her together , I leave straw on floor in one part of the coop and they've decided that is the place if they want to go broody. but you don't want others bothering the nest so a sectioned part or a crate would be best. other option would be to to put a crate there that she can easily defend to give her some cover if you don't feel good about moving her and the eggs. theres also solar powered motion detector lights that are fairly cheap, which would alert her at night
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I've never built a coop, but I think you should just let oegb sit on them. I found one of my hens sitting on her eggs maybe 12 m away from my house. I relocated the nest somewhere safer but sadly my hen just gave up sitting on her eggs. I didn't put them in my incubator, since I'm new to incubating eggs and my incubator at that time was at full capacity. However, this is only my experience...
Are the eggs still good that i found from the other chickens?
Depends on how old they are......but not sure I'd eat them.
When in doubt....
Open eggs one at a time in a separate dish before adding to pan or recipe,
use your eyes, nose, and common sense to decide if egg is OK to eat.


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