Found a Pigeon in my Yard!

Discussion in 'Pigeons and Doves' started by Hawkeye95, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Okay, I posted this on emergencies, and someone said it might be a better idea to see what you all had to say. I let my little dogs out and they alerted me to this bird in my yard. I don't know what happened to it. Could have flown into a window.. or sick?? No idea. But when I got out there, it got scared of my barking dog and it flew off a good 20 feet or more. Landed again and I ran over and grabbed it. My dog was on the chase, too-- but fortunately didn't touch it. Brought it in, and wrapped it up in a towel. It's freezing cold! It is not wheezing, or looking obviously sick. It has been freezing here and there is no open water out there. I gave it a dropper full of water with sugar in it. That perked it up a bit and instead of laying down, it started standing up. It's still standing, but closing it's eyes and acting sleepy. I know about keeping it away from my birds, washing, etc... I'm most worried about what is wrong with it. I just don't have it in my heart to push it back outside and let it die in the cold. What do I do-- what should I look for?? BTW-- Pigeons are rare around here-- haven't seen one out here in a long time. But no leg bands are on it.
    Here is a picture of it laying down when I first brought it in... and the second picture is of it now standing up.


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    Never Mind.... it just died. :( I imagine whatever was wrong, was just too much.
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    Thats too bad. Can you describe any more symptoms? did it have trouble breathing? would It eat any seed? Sneeze? any oozing from nose or eyes? (this will sound strange...) bad breath? did it seem dizzy or dissorented?

    I wonder if it was just sick or poisoned. I didnt see a leg band so most likely wild but it dosn't look too old for natural death. Possibly take it to the vet or health dept to determine cause of death? it may not be important to you but wildlife agencies like to perform necropsies for wild birds to determine if a possibility of wide spread disease could happen..... I'd call the ASPCA or animal rescue to get advice on what to do with the body.

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