Found my first hidey-clutch...


Aug 27, 2018
Southern Chester County, PA

With a flockful of Brahmas, Cochins, and Marans, it was bound to happen eventually. :rolleyes: Waiting for the big move, I thought my BCM, Pella, just couldn't get any coop time in with the Rhodie and the Jersey hogging it. I knew she wanted to brood though. Almost sorry I found them, would have loved to see her 1/2 Jersey Giant babies. When we move, she might get some time to herself in the broody coop. 12 eggs!! At least one other pullet was sneaking some in, probably Sunshine the Buff Cochin. Maybe somebody else too, because Sunshine is unlikely to be laying every day like Pella does. Thought they were going into molt early. *blush*

So, how does the float test work again? Please?
Let the poor girl have her eggs back, if shes broody.
In nature, eggs get wet sometimes for a little when mommas get off them to do their Dailey business, &it usually doesn't hurt them. I used to break broodys, but over time I've just let them do their thing and have babies. There's just something magical about a Momma leading a bunch of babies around teaching them chicken things! How to forage and for the right stuff, how to take a good old dirt bath, it's all super beautiful!
Yay! I'm so excited, brooding will help fussy little Pella adjust to the move to the new coop, because she gets to keep the old one for brooding! I wanted to buy chicks so bad, and I still think I'll get some more Red Mottled Marans to raise through the winter (either my blue Cochin Megiddo could adopt them or I'll set up a brooder), but to see MY OWN chicks raised by their Mommy...:love:weeAnd 1/2 Jersey Giant 1/2 Black Copper Marans babies should sell really well ...:celebrate

Ohh... Jesus help me, they are Yours too!!:jumpy

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