found some dropped off puppies. one is really bad...need urgent help!

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Aug 8, 2009
Normangee, Texas
My DH was traveling on the back of our property, and found the dogs. He thinks there were maybe 5 or 6. we caught 3 of them, and the others being bigger, or older took off down the creek. The 3 left behind are of some small young puppies, maybe 3 or 4 months. No weight on them at all, and very very shy. Will not eat around us.
My DH saw a truck go past the house last night, after dark, and return out about 10 min or so later. The puppies are short haired, no protection from the 34 degree night last night. The one that appears to be the runt, was barely breathing when I found him, and ice cold. I put him under my coat, and got him home. I am warming him up slowly, and right now, have him laying in a clothes basket in the sun, on some towels. I have trickled warmish milk down his throat, not much more than room temp. and am now hearing gut sounds, and he is starting to swallow. What I am needing to know, is what do I feed these poor wretched babies? They are all so weak. I am assuming the bigger puppies they were with most likely ate whatever was offered to them. but these poor fellows haven't ate in who knows how long. What should I be putting in them to help them back onto solid food? We gave them soggy dogchow so far, but only 1 has ate.

I HATE people sometimes !


ETA: Not sure what I should really be offering this poor frozen baby once he warms up more. I sure don't need to cause any of them stomach issues with getting food into them.
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Think I would try Ebsilac(sp) for the weak puppy-good nutritional supplement for young dogs. Should be able to get it at the feed store.
to you for trying to help the poor helpless little things.
Do you think they are 3-4 weeks or 3-4 months? 3-4 months, just get some wet food and after a feeding or two start mixing it with dry. They're old enough to eat dry, but the wet food will be a good jump start. I'd also mix the wet 60/40 or so with canned pumpkin. The pumpkin is high in fiber and will help with the inevitable runs that they'll have. Worming is also a priority and you can get some piperazine (sp) --same stuff as the wazine you use for chickens--pretty cheaply at the feed store too.

If they are only 3-4 weeks old they'll need a lot more care. Pm me if you would like and I'll help. I do alot of foster care, mostly kittens that are sick and/or need to be bottle fed, but I've done puppies too. Good job trying to save those puppies! The world needs more people like you---and less of ones like the #$%* that dumped them!
spelling is Esbilac (you were close!)
Don't overdo the esbilac, but it would be a good idea. It's pretty rich and can cause diarrhea, cut it well with water. Get the powdered version, it's easier on them, and you can mix it as you need it, with warm water, rather than having to reheat the canned stuff. Get them some good QUALITY canned puppy food, it'll be higher in protein, which they need, again, expect some diarrhea. By quality, I mean like Purina, not Alpo, or something like that with more fillers. If you have any dogs, please keep everyone seperate, and wash well and change your clothes after handling the pups. They could have parvo, or distemper, or any number of horrible things. Also, get them dewormed as soon as they are strong enough, with a broad-spectrum dewormer that covers tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms. You do NOT want to get hookworms at your place, they are horrible to try to get rid of, and your dogs WILL get them if they use the same areas in the yard.

Thank you for taking in the pups and trying to do right by them! Good luck!!
Try white rice with chicken or beef broth, boiled chicken, browned hamburger, puppy Milk Replacer, scrambled eggs. Regular cow's milk will cause gastrointestinal upset and is actually bad for them. Give them warm chicken broth or beef broth to drink, watered down.
I am a former vet tech and have nursed many sick puppies. If they are 3-4 months old, I highly recommend giving them gerber chicken baby food, or similar. No chunky stuff - the pureed smooth plain old chicken baby food. This is what we used for all sick / weak dogs and cats if they were not vomiting or had other digestive issues. No more than a half jar every 2 hours to start, if no vomiting then one jar every 2 hours, you don't want to overload their poor tummies right now. Do this for a few days if you can. If no vomiting then you can add some white rice for a few days. Then start mixing in dog kibble.

Electrolytes in the water. Keep warm and try not to disturb them much because they are so afraid of you right now and you don't want to stress them, especially the first few days.

Do you have other dogs? You should isolate your dogs from them. These puppies could have parasites or a disease. Parvovirus is very common in ditched puppies, because they get bloody diarrhea and some jerks find it easier to ditch sick puppies than care for them.

In a week or two I would worm all of them. A week after that, if they are healthier they should get vaccinated, but of course it will be expensive.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes. You are so kind to care for the poor pups.
All the above advice is great esp bolied chicken and white rice. Just so you know my sons dog came from a sack thrown in the river!! He saw the guy toss it in he went in the river:
,grabbed it and there were 3 puppies, 3 tiny puppies. He has had the most wonderful dog in the world for 6 yrs now ,someone truly threw away a priceless gift! Good Luck and god Bless!!!
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Do not feed the thoroughly chilled puppy until it's body temperature rises. Initially give it electrolytes and gradually add warm moistened puppy chow in small quantities. Electrolytes(pedialyte is good) small quantities of moistened food, frequent feedings. Good luck. Geo.

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