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  1. Gold Coaster

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    Hello all,

    I adopted some chickens from my local animal shelter and was wondering if someone would be able to do me a little favour and help identify their breeds.

    This is my first time keeping chickens but I've been informed that the two reddish ones in colour are ISA Browns, while the two black ones are still a mystery to me. One of them is entirely black in colour while the other has a hint of red on her neck. (Please see the photo attached).


    Their names in order from left to right are, Dusk, Dawn, Rosie and Sunshine. It's Dusk that I'm the most curious about, because that tint of red is simply gorgeous on her, especially when she's out in the sunlight and it practically glows.

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  2. Whitewinterwolf

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Black Austrolorps and RIR's? [​IMG]
  3. Gold Coaster

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    Thank you Whitewinterwolf. I really appreciate your suggestions! [​IMG]

    I will definitely look up the breeds you mentioned and try and learn more about them. I will also try and see if I can find some images and compare them.

    I guess that RIR's (Rhode Island Reds I assume) are very similar in appearance to ISA Browns? I was told that Sunshine, the one on the far right is an ISA Brown, but it's not set in concrete. For all I know, she might very well be a Rhode Island Red.

    As for Black Australorps, are they just the one colour (black) or is it possible to have them with red colouring on their neck?

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  4. gryeyes

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    Dusk looks very much Australorp-ish. Dawn could be a Black Sex Link (some places call them Black Stars and the like).

    I have one of each in my pretty large flock. Your Dawn is much prettier than my Greta, though. Eh, I could be totally wrong. [​IMG]

  5. friedbluebanana

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    Jul 20, 2011
    I am by no means an expert at this, but I am going to go with Black Sex Link (Black Star) for Dusk. Most of the pictures I have seen of Black Sex Links, have a lot of red, but my girl just has a tiny bit. Do her black feathers have a green sheen when in the sun? As far as the red ones, they look like pictures I have seen of Red Sex Links (Red Stars). But, I do not have one of these, so I am not as familiar with them. Either way, they are great looking birds! I hope that you get some more suggestions!
  6. Gold Coaster

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    Thank you so much for your input Gryeyes and Friedbluebanana! [​IMG]

    Considering that you are both leaning towards Black Sex Links (Black Stars) I had a quick look at some images on the net and I am inclined to agree with you both. Dusk has an uncanny similarity to a Black Sex Link and her feathers do have a green, iridescent sheen in the sun. As for Dawn, she has no colouring so it's more than likely that she is a Black Australorp.

    I was also surprised to find that images of Red Sex Links (Red Stars) look somewhat like Sunshine! They have this white speckling over their feathers, which is Sunshine to a tee. She is so different to Rosie who is pretty much the one colour tone red, except for the tip of her tail which is white (strawberries and cream anyone?). Therefore, it's possible that Sunshine is a Red Sex Link while Rosie is an ISA Brown.

    I never imagined that I might have been lucky enough to adopt four chickens that are four completely different breeds. Either way, I am so very thankful to you all for helping me identify them.

    By the way, Gryeyes I have passed on your message to Dawn together with lots of cuddles and kisses and she puffed up with pride and strut about the yard. [​IMG] I would love to see photos of your chickens, especially Greta, because I'm sure she is a beautiful specimen also! The same goes for you Friedbluebanana and Whitewinterwolf.

    Thanks again everyone!

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  7. id say both reds are red sex links and the blacks are black sex links. i had a black sex link with no red on her at all [​IMG]

  8. Knee jerk reaction but im saying Austrolorps and golden comets or red sex links
  9. Gvnam

    Gvnam Chirping

    Sep 16, 2011
    They are all Sexlinks! Black ones are Black Sex Links also known as Black Stars and the red ones are Red sex links known as Cinnamon Queens. They are both great layers! The black sex-links seem to be less aggressive then the reds.


    The black ones look almost exactly like my one Black Sex Link. I am positive they are Black Sex Links.

    And for the Red Sex Links, they are the only other breed I know of to have the white in their tail other than mixed breeds. So I would have to say they too are definitely Red Sex Links
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  10. FatTom

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    Feb 26, 2012
    Great Falls, Mt.
    I have 2 black sex links and 8 red sex links and they look alot like my hens, so I aggree with the sex link folks. My black sex links both have red on their necks and agree they are very beutiful birds. I am also trying to hatch my first batch of eggs and hope to get more black ones. I don't know if they will be considered black sex links though my roo is a white leg horn. ( I think ) s

    edit : 2 black sex links 7 red sex links and 1 golden sex link. :) I really can't tell the differance between the red and golden sex links they look the same to me.
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