Four month old Australorp having problem standing

Jennie Bellamy

Mar 5, 2018
My four month old Australorp hen seems to have huge long legs and toes but until now she has been running around fine. Yesterday she started to roll back on her feet and is now not keen to go anywhere. It looks as though she is drunk. Anybody got any ideas what could be causing this?.
Hi ChickNanny13,
I feed table scraps along with commercial chicken grains (free range). She is eating very well and also drinking. Poop is as normal and she has no other symptoms. All the flock were wormed last week.
I would get her to drink some Nutri Drench or some added vitamins. Not sure what the nutritional analysis is on your grain but table scrapes & treat "dilute" the nutritional intake of a chicken, learned the hard way.

Keep a close eye on her in the event any other symptoms shows up but at this point thinking maybe vitamin deficiency. Hope other peep in with their wisdom.

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