FOX almost got my babies!



Apr 3, 2017
So eating dinner last night and always let the girls free range after work for a bit to much on some goodies, and I happen to look out the window and a fox is carrying one of my girls in his mouth. I quickly ran out side and he dropped my girl and I chased that sob 3 blocks down the middles of a main road in town. Thankfully my girl wasn't hurt just very traumatized. What can I do to deter him from coming back into my yard? Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks in advance!
I've not had to deal with a fox so I don't have hands on experience.
I've read they are pretty determined.
Keep a close eye on your flock.
will do, need to keep our dog out while they range, or we just need to be out there when they range. he will not get in the coop during day/night they are safe. Only when they are in the yard is it a problem. Thanks
I thought about a pellet gun, I do have an old bb gun that I could use. He doesn't stay long enough for me to get a good shot. I might have to do some camping out in one of my big pines in the back make him regret messing with my girls :mad:
I lost more than a few birds to the fox, in two daylight attacks. You can't be out there all the time, and the fox will be back. The answer for me was electrified poultry net (From Premier). It can be powered from household, or solar chargers. I started with 300', liked it so much, I bought 350' more. Haven't lost a bird to a ground based pred in over 5yrs. I consider buying the fence one of the best things I have done for my birds.
what type of fox is it? red or grey? you could always try to use a trap for it (havahart/any live trap big enough to hold a fox in it) but i know reds are very smart and difficult to trap, not sure too much about the grey ones as we don't have them where i live.

but best of luck to your fox problem :)

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