Fox attacked my duck! PLEASE HELP!!!


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Nov 6, 2012
I have never in my life seen a fox in my area so I usually let my four ducks roam the back yard and they're usually ok except for a couple escapes into the neighbors yard. Today I was watching tv and heard my mallard, dixie, quack extremely loud. I've never heard her quack like that so I ran out and a fox had her in his mouth! He ran away with her as soon as he saw me. I gave up and went inside to call my boyfriend because I was so upset (we saved her when she was only 2 days old, her mother was killed and we became very attached to each other, she's my little baby) but then i heard her quack again and i ran back outside and the fox was there without her in his mouth and she was over by her cage trying to get in. i chased the fox away and dixie was trying to jump up into her cage. i got a towel picked her up and brought her inside. No signs of blood, no blood in her stools, she is very swollen. the fox ran away with her so she was shaken quite a bit. I'm very scared that she has internal bleeding and broken bones. She can walk but it is a little difficult, she's alert, i can tell she's getting swollen. she absolutely will not let me touch her wings. im very thankful that the fox didnt bite her but she's not out of the woods yet. Someone please help me! I cant lose this little girl she's my angel :/

Right now I have her sitting next to me in a box with blankets. Shes drinking water and she seems ok but she keeps trying to walk and it's getting harder for her. any input you have is appreciated! thank you!!

Right now she is most likely still in shock. She needs to be in a warm quiet area where she can rest. I would also start her on some electrolytes. Is she still eating?
ok thank you. she wont eat but she is drinking plenty of water. what could i give that has electrolytes in it. it's too late and most pet stores are closed. :/
I do hope your duck can make a speedy recovery
. Right now it's mostly just going to be waiting and seeing.
thank you so much! i hope so too, her breathing is getting very shallow though and her swelling is getting worse. for now i'll just keep her comfortable. thank you again! and if you can think of anything else it's greatly appreciated!
Is there a particular section of her that is swelling or just all over? I don't have a lot of trauma experience but I'm happy to help where I can. I hope Amiga can give you some more suggestions on what you could do for her. She is very knowledgeable in these situations.
well she's pretty small and the fox had just about her whole body in his mouth. he had her by the butt at first though and then he shook her. her tail feathers and whole hind section is sagging. the most swollen part is her right side chest and back area. her wings arent sitting the right way on her back because of it.

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