Fox habits


10 Years
May 2, 2009
Does anyone know what the habits of a fox are? Just had a fox in the yard right by the house chasing chickens. Don't know how long he was out there. Didn't find a carcase but did find lots of feathers, but no feather trail. It didn't have one in its mouth, so I'm thinking it just mauled one, although I can't find any injuries on the ones that are at the coop. There are a few that I haven't accounted for. Will have to wait until shut down. The dog and I chased it down over the hill into the field. Dh grabbed his .22. As DH was instructing me
on how to use the gun, what I thought was the dog, turned out to be the fox coming back up the hill. Our dog had flushed it back. It stopped and looked at us and took off across the neighbors open field. DH ran to the fence, but the fox was halfway across by then. He took a shot, but missed. He said it dodged sideways, so he must of been close. Will the fox be back this evening? I thought maybe if it had kits, it might. Not familiar with the ways of a fox.
Foxes don't give up. And they can be hunting day or night. Would a trap work better?

I trap foxes, too sly to be waiting for you to shoot them. Go ahead and get the BIG trap. you will be glad later when coyotes or dogs get trapped at night by the hen house.

I was thinking of trapping. We have a live trap for racoons. Will that work? We will set it tonight, if you think it is ok to use. And thanks!
I imagine that a fox will get up in the cage and the tail will keep the door from locking down. He will then back right out with the bait. If you keep losing the bait and door is down, then he was too long for cage. He needs to be able to stand in there (tail and all). as for bait, I use table scraps, broken eggs. basically, a platter of choices for him!
Thanks. From seeing the fox, I don't think body length should be a problem, just his height. He isn't big by any means, but he has long legs.
Foot hold trap be very careful he'll be pretty mad and just shot it if u use fox pee as bait a fox or coyote could b there beacuse the both burry there food and pee on the top dirt so dig a small hole then put fox pee on the loosened top dirt keep your smell off the trap they will smell even the smallest trace of human scent

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