Freaked out by Sand Bath

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by FireGurl26, May 16, 2016.

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    May 4, 2016
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    Ok. I wish i would've been told about this from people i know. I totally freaked out when I saw my girls taking a sand bath for the first time. They are still in brooder at 5 weeks old cuz of our weather here...but I wanted to put a pan in the brooder with sand and gravel so to break their boredom. Most chicks didn't really know what to do except peck at the grit and sand but my dominant girl's instincts kicked in and she started rubbing around with her body and taking a sand bath. Almost looked like So, I expected that to happen with a sand bath..but i got really freaked out what happened She layed on her side eyes closed after tossing sand and grit everywhere quite a few times. So, she was lying there on her side foot all curled up, eyes closed and breathing fast. I was like " chicken is dead, paralyzed". So, I picked her up and she opened her eyes but just lay there as i held her and actually was able to pet her like a cat (highly unusual for my girls) I can pick em up but they try flapping wings and making noises. Nothing came out of her. I put her back in the brooder and she snapped out of it. I can only assume that she was in total Euphoria and So, now i know what to expect from the chickens when they sand bathe. Did anyone else have an experience with this. I mean, i laughed after all was said and done...but boy did that give me the scare of a lifetime. I am sure there are more of thos edays to come. OH BOY!!
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    LOL! Don't worry, you aren't the only one who freaked out. Even after seeing dust baths several times, I still freak out when I see my silkies down like that. They're old, you know, so sometimes it panicks me :oops: :lau
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    Yeah, just about every new chicken keeper reacts like, "OMG! Dead chickens!"

    They get in a state of total bliss and just like us when someone gives us a good back or head massage, they also go limp with contentment.

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