Freaking out about temp in incubator!


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I hope everyting is ok in my incubator. The thermometer slid off the eggs and now reads at 96-97 degrees. Previously, it had been stabilized at 99.5-100. I’m guessing no, but should I open the incubator to set the thermometer back on the eggs? Or just wait till day 7 when I candle them? I’ve got a Hova Bator Styrofoam system with the egg turner. Thanks for the feedback, I'm a newbie at this...
hello and welcome

I think you are ok to open and reposition your thermometer. That is just my opinion but I really think you would be ok.
I read the Dry Incubation article and I'm leary opening it up just to reset the thermometer. I'm guessing the temp is ok since I had it stabilized before adding the eggs. I had the center water channel filled, so I don't think adding water is necessary at this point. I just wish someone would say,"don't worry about it and leave it closed till day 7".
It's a still air. I went ahead and opened, just barely, to set the thermometer back on the eggs. After a couple hours the temp was reading 100. So I guess all is well, and I don't have worry. Thanks for all the feedback.
No, I have no idea what the humidity is. I know I need to monitor that. I'm going to put my "humidity checker" from my humidor into the incubator. That will give me a better idea. I know this much: I'm not seeing any water evaporate from the tray. My incubator is in my basement which is always humid to begin with. I'd hate to drown my chicks before they even hatch! Any thoughts? Humidity in a still air incy should be set at 40%? I think that's what I've read. Right now I'm on day 4, so I can adjust accordingly. Thanks again.
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