Free buff colored bantam roo! Raised as a pet.


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
Our pet bantam rooster needs a new home. He's making too much noise in our suburb! He likes to be carried around by small children and he enjoys being hand fed. He's also rather feisty when it comes to protecting his ladies and he loves to crow! He needs a home where he can be separate from other roosters because he picks fights and gets himself beat up.

He hatched last July. He's healthy, my flock has never had any disease or illness!

Located in Lexington, Kentucky. Not interested in trying to ship the poor little guy.
hi andora,would like to have him as i have three ladies who are lonely,i live in lex,send you a phone nr to call me ,thanks.wayne.
Sorry, my internet has been down all day. Insight had an outage for hours.

I was all ready to give him away and told my husband you wanted him, and he says he wants to build a banty pen/coop and get him some lady friends. Go figure, lol. If that doesn't work out I'll give you a call and you can have him!

I think I might have actually gotten his egg from you--do you live off of New Circle Rd. and keep bees?
yes,i'm guilty,, i don't have his parents anymore. but have three hens that would love to have a friend,my roos are to young to breed right now,call me if anything changes,thanks wayne.

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