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  1. nettie

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    Nov 20, 2008
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    i've placed an order with Ideal poultry (ducklings) and i don't think i've met the order minimum. Because of this, there is a really good likelyhood i will have warmer chicks added to my order. I can not keep any chickens, so i will have to get rid of them. so....

    If anyone near central alabama would like my potential chicks, they are all yours, just pm me! the first the pm me will have first dibs. I'm unsure how many i will end up with (it might be up to ten) so let me know how many you'd be interested in.

    I'm expecting them to arrive by the 24th on this month.

    They do not tell you what breed the chicks will be, so i have no clue. I'm not good at chickens so i won't be able to tell when they get here. I can drive up to an hour from montgomery to either drop chicks off or to meet someone driving from further away.

    Hopefully i can find homes for them all!

    (i'll also have some extra ducklings available too, if anyone is interested!)
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    pm'd you

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