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Mar 5, 2013
this sounds horrible. we have to ducks and four chickens. i love my ducks but one of them is picking on my chickens. they were fine for several months together. but my rooster got hurt and is disabled now. ever since then my duck tries to pin him down and has started picking on the other chickens as well. i have tried to secluding them but we can tell it is affecting the ducks quality of life. we have decided to try to find the duck a new home. any takers?
You might want to post this over in the Animals in Need of Free Rehoming section to get more replies. Also, I'd advise you to give both ducks away together because if you keep the one duck, it is going to be miserable alone - the chicken's aren't going to be enough for it. It sounds like you have a hormonal drake on your hands trying to mate with the hens, so giving him away or finding a way to keep the ducks away from the chickens is a very good idea. Drakes mating chicken hens can be fatal for the hen.
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