Free group of 5 week old chicks in PA


11 Years
Jun 28, 2008
Northeast, PA
I have a group of 5 week old chicks available. There are 7 of them. There is a Bantam light Brahma, a pair of Gold Seabrights, 2 OEGBs and 2 Amberlink pullets. They were all purchased from Tractor Supply at 2.49 each. I have to place them because they are outgrowing the brooder and need to go outside now as my asthma has been bothering me. I was going to put them in my new coop but the young men building it are running way behind the date I expected it done. I tried to put them in with some other banties and the others banties are aggressive to them, pecking them and not letting them eat or drink so they are back inside again.
I am just outside of Hazleton, but can meet people in Hometown, Lehighton, Jim Thorpe, Berwick or Wilkes Barre area. Please email or PM for more info.

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