Free Range during the day?


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Apr 18, 2010
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Different Poults, Different Strokes.
Turkeys, like most creatures, can each have their very own and distinct personality.So in that sense it makes your question a bit of a challenge to answer.
A little more information would also be helpful in giving a more descriptive answer.
How many turkeys do you have? What kind? Are they kept with chickens in the same flock? What type of coop do you have for them?
Generally speaking and from my experience if one turkey goes in, usually they all will, but if not, they're all roosting on top of the coop. Or if the alpha isn't the one that doesn't go in, but another one does, you may have some both in and out. Naturally turkeys would rather be outside, unless the coop is very large. Also, routine is critical with any bird. If you can be very consistent about encouraging or corraling them inside the coop every night, sooner or later, they will get it and understand that where they wake up every morning is where they need to be when it gets dark and they go to sleep. But you must be consistent every single night, not missing a night, and it can or cannot take quite awhile for them to catch on.


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Will turkeys put themselves back in the coop like chickens at night?

When i let My poult roam around during the day it sometimes goes back into its roost to get food or water, sometimes I just sit but at night it doesn't stay in, it follows me
Everywhere so I have to keep it closed just in case other animals come
Around. I've seen larger turkes stay or go In the roost when it wants to.


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I have a nice big coop for my Turkeys to go in at night but they want there tuck in time every night rain or snow very seldom do they go into the coop by them selves.
I have a 4ft roost out side of the coop and all the Toms are lined up on it I have to wrap my arm around them and hold them securely and pick them up and shove them in the coop and if they think its to early they will try to come back out of the coop
Some of the Hens don't like being handled and will see they have no other choice and jump into the coop.

My experience Turkeys are nothing like chickens they have character much more than a chicken does and can be stubborn at times.

But these little flaws make them worth having around.

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