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    We have 6 adult chickens who love to free range around our 2 acre property. They typically stay close to the house but do go in the wooded areas when it gets hot out. They wander back and forth to the coop throughout the day to get water and they hang out with us when we're outside. We have 12 new chicks that will eventually join the flock. We'll keep them in the fenced in enclosure for a while at first but not sure if they'll just naturally stay with the others as they free range or if we might lose some. Our property is open to a couple of adjacent houses and woods behind us. We haven't had any predator issues or lossy any in the past but I worry that the young ones might just wander off and get lost. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    [​IMG]Great to have another poultry lover! Once the chicks have been in the coop/run for about 2 weeks they will know that its their home. So when you let them free range they will always go back home to the coop. When you first let them out they will stick close for a couple days, then the will begin to explore their territory. In my experience the new chicks will go out by them selves they never fully join the other flock. They are all friends but are never brothers and sisters like they are when they grow up together as chicks.
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