Free ranging Peafowl?

Ours went a few miles down the road. They would stay gone for days. Not recommended to free range. They can jump over just about any fence.
We let our peafowl free range and haven't had a problem. I might see them in their pen once a week. They roost in the oak trees at night. We do not let our green peafowl out at all for obvious reasons.
In my experiences they're like misbehaving teenagers when its time to get them back in the pen so I clip both my females wing so they wont hop the fence, then the male of course will stay by. Can't speak for the Java greens.
Mine free ranged, they travelled around a bit. They roosted high up, about 70 feet, in a big fir tree, year round. Most of the day they liked to sit on my porch railing and look in the kitchen window........sigh

Around here there are flocks of feral Peafowl. Some come from the Castle grounds where they live. They range into sub divisons eat everything is sight, poop everywhere, stand on cars and houses. They seem to know when they have outworn their welcome and escape back into the safe grounds of the Castle.
Some flocks had to be caught. They had caused allot of damage.

Misbehaving teenagers or juvenile deliquents sums it up pretty good.
I was just wondering and had the same question about free ranging them. I hope to hatch a couple of peachicks this spring. Do you think that if I did so, hopefully they would imprint on me and not be such bad kids?
Yup, thats how they flew down and it was silent. Thanks for the video it is great.

At dusk the Peacocks would gather around and hop up a smaller tree and then lift off to the big tree and land on a branch about 50 feet up. Then they would hop up the branches to the height they liked.
Amazing how they can fly so high with that huge tail. It takes allot of strength.

My Wild Trukeys would soar down from dizzying heights in the morning. They looked like a Eagle swooping down. They were silent too.

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