Free roos, 2 Sp. Sussex, 2 Sal. Faverolles, 2 mixes in Northern IL

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    Too many Roos! Pinkerton, Raquel, and Liz (my salmon faverolles hens) have asked that I reduce the number of rude males in the flock. They want to make it clear that the boys are NOT mean, they are just suffering from too much testosterone and not enough age and experience to be acceptable.

    The two Speckled Sussex came from Ideal, I believe in June or July of this year. They are handsome and easy to handle. One of the Faverolles was born on the my farm in July, the other Faverolles is from Meyers Hatchery and is a year and a half old. The older Faverolles is missing the extra toe on his right foot (his name, of course, is Lefty). They are both easy to handle. The other two are a mix of Salmon Faverolles rooster on Buckeye hen. One is easy to handle, the other is easy to handle but hard to catch.

    The roos have NEVER been aggressive toward people. I keep four roos together all the time and they have never harmed each other. I free range the flock during the day which gave everybody plenty of exercise and space. I can see the squabbling is intensifying since the 8" of snow and radical drop in temps earlier this week. So my procrastination needs to come to end and some of my little flock need to find new homes.

    I'm near Rockford, Illinois. The zip here is 61065.

    I'll try and get pics up tomorrow.

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