FREE: Silkie and Sebright Cockerels and Pullets. Local pick up only.


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
P.A/M.D border, USA
I have a few 12 week old Silkie and Sebright cockerels and pullets looking for a good home. They are PQ, but extremely calm, quiet and sweet. PM me if interested, or email me at [email protected].

I will post pictures later. Thanks all!
still working on pics. Where I am: I am on the border between P.A. and M.D, about 15 min from D.E. Chester County and Cecil county are both very near. If you are familiar with the Fair Hill area, that's where I am located. I am 15 min from Elkton, M.D, and 15 min from Newark, Delaware. Hope this helps with anyone looking to drive out to see/ or pick up the chickens. I can meet you somewhere close, or you can come to my pens and see the chickens before taking them. You have the option of taking only one, or you can take the whole batch.
P.S. -- They have been hand raised from a day old, and are handled every day. They are friendly and curious, and love attention and treats. They are free to a GOOD HOME ONLY.
Thanks- Quinn
P.S.S -- Serious inquiries only-- contact me first please.
I am really sorry about the lack of pictures, but the Hurricane hit and we have no internet. I am currently somewhere else with internet, but not sure If I will be here long enough to do anything with this. Sorry!

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