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Sep 14, 2008
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I could just strangle my little boy right now. I decided to take a nap with him this afternoon. When I wake up, my dad is yelling at me that my son killed my baby chicken!! He also said that the top of my bator wasn't on straight
. I looked, and the baby chick is not dead, but it is not walking, or peeping. Just laying around. The other baby that is in the bator hatching, has half it's shell MISSING, no where to be found!! I could just kill him!!!
Kids are just like puppies...they require firm discipline, the occasional time out, frequent treats, and when they're REALLY bad...a swat combined with a time-out.

Peaceful thoughts now. It is just in the nature of little ones. It is sad, but it will be a funny story one day.

A friend's mother tells this story. Her son had a squeeky toy that was shaped like a small dog and loved that toy. One day she and her small son went to visit a family friend. There was a darlingl little dog and he and the child were getting on just fine. The two ladies sat in the kitchen chatting while the small boy went out to play. After a while the small boy, named Earl, came into the kitchen carrying the dog and saying - "it won't squeek anymore!"

Luckily the dog did survive but was never quite the same. Earl grew into a fine young man and is now a Methodist minister in Escondido, California.

But his mom loved telling that story about her son we lovingly knew as EWG.

When my boys were small, and I needed a nap because I was pregnant with my DD, I would take them into their room with snacks and sippy cups. Then I would make myself a little bed right infront of the door. They played, I napped, and the world was safe.
um..i may be he potty trained?...
....i'm very sorry to hear about the baby chicken!...they are little rug rats at that age!!..
...good luck, Wendy
Oh I'm so sorry, hope the chicks come out all right in the long run. It's hard right now for sure, but try and keep in mind that a chicken is just with you for a few years and your son is the one that will be there to help you with the grocery shopping and everything else when your old. Some day you will tell him again about this while he has a child of 2, and he will have the same frustrations.
Sooooo glad my SO got "fixed."
I won't let friends' children near my animals without supervision, I don't care how "darling" their parents think they are

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