Free trip causes extinction


11 Years
Jun 15, 2008
We got an oportunity for an all expenses paid trip to Oregon for six days.
We had 21 6 week old Cornish X and noone to care for them on short notice.
We just baught a 95 pound lamb from a neighbor that I butchered. Available Freezer camp accomodations were 14" x 14" x 12". Only me to do the deed within 4 days.
So, how does one go about to reach a solution?
Results: I started with group of 3 beheadings and dismemberments of draw and quarterings ( deboned the breasts, legs and thighs) then I boiled the wings, necks, backs and carcass meat off the bones. Average meat carcass weights of the 21 was 5.055 lbs. with the average weight of the bones was under 1 pound each. I packaged the meat plus liver, gizzard, and hearts into serving size portions in freezer baggies. After resting in the refrigerator for 2 days, I managed to fill the freezer camp reservation space with just over 16 birds, made 2 meals out of one and we gave the rest to my daughter.
Also extinct due to coyotes...90 and 95 lb 2 year old Boxers...found only one's head and hide... cats... lifespan of any cat in our area is less than 6 months, if they sneak out of the house, they be gone.
Also extinct due to coyotes...90 and 95 lb 2 year old Boxers...

Ouch! Sorry to hear that. That's why I now have 4 dogs, although 3 are pups. Great Pyr/Anatolian Shepherd mix. Hopefully they will live long enough to be able to protect themselves and our critters.
I was reading an article about how the average lifespan for a LGD out West on these big sheep ranches is about four years. The predators multiplied so much that many dogs became overwhelmed and just gave up.

The livestock guardian dogs were never really meant to work alone, but rather in tandem with the shepherd. One theory was that the dogs were to be white so the shepherd could distinguish who the predators were.
And in packs, which is the key to their safety, I think. The more you have, the safer they (and your livestock) are.

If four isn't enough, I'll get more.
I hear that this year Idaho has an open hunting season for WOLVES with a bag limit of 200. The hunters and ranchers are thrilled while the tree huggers are haveing a cow. If you think that coyotes, raccons, or possums are bad just wait till these bloodthirsty vermin come to your back door in a few years. Not only will they vicously kill full grown deer, elk, moose and even buffalo, they more easily kill full grown sheep, goats, cows and horses. Our guard dogs will hand out napkins, knives, and forks to the pack of wolves at first sight before they will wake you up to warn you of their impending feast as they hide under your bed.
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