Free White Frizzle Rooster 4 months Conroe,Texas


11 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Conroe, Texas
We have a very small backyard flock. 2 roosters,3 hens. This little guy is sure to get picked on and he's so sweet and cuddly, we'd rather see him off to a good home!
I will email you a picture. I can't seem to get one uploaded right now.
Well I'll take him if shipping him isn't to expensive.
oh, I was hoping for someone local- just would be easier, of course!

I wouldn't know the first thing about shipping a live chicken!!!
Do you plan any travel to Texas in the next few weeks??
Your right!
I am a total chicken newbie!! He is a silkie, not a frizzle! Maybe I will stop interchanging those terms, once I finally find him a forever home!!
I understand that silkies are like potato chips... you can't have just one!

Maybe if you changed your title, you'd have swarms of silkie "addicts" asking for your handsome guy?

Good luck!

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