Fresh Egg salad with out ever peeling another egg!!! EUREKA!!

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    I have long been a fan of the famous boil it for 18 minutes, and then chill it to peel it. And I still firmly believe this is the best way to make deviled eggs. HOWEVER.... have you ever wanted to just make egg salad quickly, or wanted to use up all those bantam eggs or OEGB eggs, with out having to peel those tiny little buggers for the mouthful they make? My Significant other found the way! (leave it to the guys to figure this stuff out...!)

    Ok, I tried it this morning, and 10 minutes later, I am eating warm egg salad.

    Crack all the eggs into a BIG bowl. (its going to rise like real bread so give it plenty of room.)

    Pop all the yolks with a fork. (don't stir them, unless you want scrambled looking salad, but be sure to POP them at least)

    COVER the bowl really well, its going to make a mess. (I use disposable shower caps that I get at the dollar store, they come 8 to a pack, and have these neat little elastics that pull them tight around the bowl. We use these instead of saran wrap on left overs too.)

    Now, here is where it gets tricky. Each microwave is different, so you are going to have to experiment. Mine is fairly new, and pretty high powered, so I cook for one minute, then checked it, and gave it a swirl. then I cooked it for 2 minutes, and checked again. (by this time it was pretty hot, but not cooked yet.) So I gave it two more minutes. Voila! Done!

    When it comes out, it is one solid mass of white and orange, and I used a knife and fork to chop it up into bite sizes, just like you would boiled eggs, but it was easier cause the eggs weren't sliding around the bowl. chopped it up, added the mayonnaise etc. and served as usual!

    It was so easy, I may never boil another egg again! (well, maybe for deviled eggs, but then again,,,,, maybe not!)

    Enjoy, I hope this works for you all too!

    Here is an image of BEFORE I added the dressing etc.
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    wow! I am soo going to try that! thanks for sharing.
  3. Imp

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    (leave it to the guys to figure this stuff out...!)

    Uh Oh! Now your guy is gonna get kicked out of the club for giving up one of our holiest secrets. [​IMG]

    Been doing that for years, much easier.[​IMG]

    Imp- Make sure you stir or swirl occasionally or the edges can get rubbery​
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    I've been micro-hardboiling single eggs for years to add to tuna salad, chef salad, etc
    But it just never occurred to me to do a whole bunch for egg salad...

    To quote Homer simpson: "D'OH!"
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    Very Cool! [​IMG] I will be trying that out today!! [​IMG]

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