Fresh eggs how long do they last in fridge??

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  1. I went to look at someone's coop and they gave me 5 dozen eggs that have been laid in the last 4-5 weeks and kept in fridge.
    We took them but dh wants to throw them out. I put them in fridge.
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    Mar 22, 2010
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    I eat mine at 4-5 weeks old all the time. If refrigerated, they can even last longer - mother earth did a study where they lasted something like 7 or eight months as long as they were refrigerated and unwashed.
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    we keep ours out - unrefrigerated and on the counter. We usually use them or give them away by week 2. We ate several this morning and they were delicious. We always use the oldest ones first.

    If you wash them, you must refrigerate as you take off the bloom, or protective antibacterial coating. Once refrigerated, they must continue to stay in the fridge until use, but will stay good up to 6 months (or more) only who keeps eggs that long anyway. Oh, yeah, commercial egg producers. Store bought eggs can be an average of 3 weeks to 3 months old by the time you buy them. Fresh eggs are very hardy.

    I was taught to always break eggs into a bowl, not the pan, in case of meat spots or any irregularities. I have never once found an egg that has gone bad, though, not even when I forgot a 1/2 dozen in the back of the fridge once and they were *really* old!

    Eggs that are older than a week or so make great hard boiled eggs because they peel easily. Newly laid eggs are more difficult to peel when boiled as the internal shell membrane needs to dry a bit to separate from the shell. You have enough for a great egg salad or potatoe salad!

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    The eggs you buy in the store are alot older than you think. If you are going to throw them away cause they are 4 weeks old you might as well throw out the eggs you buy from the store before you get them home. LOL i would not even think twice up to 8 weeks old. i know people that eat eggs older than that but with the endless supply of eggs i have now. if i have any eggs over a month old they get feed to the chickens.
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    The eggs are fine to eat! Your DH must not have been raised on a farm lol.
  7. I boiled some today for potato salad.......I am horrified to say I didn't like them.
    I hope I like my chickens eggs.
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    What didn't you like,the taste or how hard they were to peel? Have you had fresh eggs before?
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    I vote you hard boil them and cut them up or scramble them and feed them to your chickens. They are a great protein for the.. Just be sure you don't feed them to them looking like eggs they lay! Then if that person asks how you liked the eggs, tell them that every last one of them was enjoyed!

  10. Very very easy to peel but the taste was odd. My grandmother fed us fresh eggs and I remember loving the taste and the lucky double yolks. Of course it could be dh going on and on how the eggs could not be good and not knowing how long the eggs sit in the nest till the lady collected them.

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