Fresh Eggs (to eat not hatch): Fridge or Counter?

What do you do with your eating eggs when collecting?

  • Leave on the Counter

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Immediately put in refrigerator

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Leave on the counter for a few days to a week, then into the fridge

    Votes: 1 25.0%

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Nov 11, 2012
Fayetteville, NC
I've heard a lot of different ways on storing eggs (for food).
I know the US is one of the only countries to refrigerate their eggs.
I'm curious what people do with their eggs they eat.

Right now only 5 of our hens are laying, so we get 4-5 eggs a day. Being a family of 4, they might last 2 or 3 days max, many times they're eaten within 24 hours. I just leave them out on the counter and they are fine.

We have several other hens that are pretty close to laying (actually I'm surprised they aren't by now). I was curious once we start getting all these eggs, just how long they are good for on the counter?

I know ideal temp is like 60ish, it's probably more like 70 in my kitchen. I also know washing them can put bacteria in the eggs, so I only brush them off (unless I get a really poo covered one and it's washed and put in the fridge).

Also does the length of time the eggs are out have an impact on taste? I think they're pretty and I'm new to keeping chickens so I love to see them in their basket on my counter and count them :) My parents came down to visit and were appaulled that our eggs weren't in the fridge and refused to eat them!!! They seriously would rather have store bought hormone filled pasteurized eggs from these poor factory farm chickens that are cold than a day old organic free range egg I raised myself that's room temperature!!!! I guess that shows the average Americans view on food production, I don't know! ANYWAY, WHAT DO YOU DO???????
I know for a fact that in some Italian grocery stores eggs are stored in half dozen cartons at the end of the dry goods aisle. This is because eggs keep for up to 21 Days, and often longer, outside of the refrigerator, especially at a room temperature of 70˚F. How else do people think they stay good long enough to become baby chicks at temperatures of 100˚F?

If I put mine on the counter instead of in the fridge, I try to eat them within two weeks just for freshness and so I don't have to worry about it. Any excess I put in the fridge. They should last up to 21 Days. If you're concerned about a few eggs, you can always do the float in water test--if it sinks, it's fresh; if it stands on its end, it's older; if it floats, it's too old to eat. Opposite to you, I leave the poopiest out on the counter for me to eat and refrigerate the clean ones to sell to customers

An egg taken from a nest and cracked into a pan within minutes always tastes a million times better. Older eggs have a distinct "older egg taste" that only crazy farmers notice, so we try to use these for hard boiling or baking. Fresh eggs are saved for soft boiling and frying.

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